MAHAL KITA - I Love You in Tagalog

You can use the phrase Mahal kita with almost anyone -- from your grandmother to your lovey-dovey. But if you want something dramatic for a special someone, use Iniibig kita.

There's also a Taglish phrase Lab kita! Lab is the Filipino pronunciation of the English word "love" and kita is a Tagalog word that means something like "I to you." Lab kita is an informal way of saying "Love you!"

Mahal na mahal kita.
I love you very, very much.

Mahal kita talaga.
I really love you.

Mahal din kita.
I love you too.

Mahal mo ba ako?
Do you love me?

Oo, mahal kita.
Yes, I love you.

Mahal kita sobra.
I love you overly.

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